American Pacific International School
Secondary Program

American Pacific International School welcomes you to the Secondary School program

APIS provides an inspiring academic and student life curriculum, where international diversity and our host culture are celebrated. We believe in developing our students’ self-esteem and encouraging a healthy, ethical life style.

Students at APIS develop sound study skills and an appropriate work ethic.

APIS students are encouraged to value creativity, originality and independence of thought, and above all, a love of learning and life-long inquiry.

Our classrooms have a positive atmosphere where students participate actively in their own learning and support the learning of others.

APIS teachers are well-qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated specialists.

Subject teachers know their students well and search for ways to help them benefit fully from lessons.

APIS students have been accepted into colleges and universities all over the world.

Our secondary program is divided into two schools: 

Middle School
High School



Advisory Program

From Grades 6-12, each level has an Advisor who develops personal connections with students and serves to support them in their learning endeavors. Advisors meet daily with the students who work closely with their advisor to ensure their academic, emotional and social development is monitored and supported.


A Middle School and High School counselor works closely with teachers and students in the development of the Student Life curriculum and supporting the students as they prepare for graduation.

English Language Learning Support Program

All students who require English Language skills have English Language Learning support to prepare them for mainstream courses.

Thai Cultural Studies

All non-Thai students at APIS undertake a Thai Cultural studies course as part of their program and Ministry of Education requirements.

Community Service

Students at APIS are involved in community service projects.


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