High School


The High School program, Grades 11 and 12, accommodates a caring and supportive environment where students can grow and explore the developing academic and social skills needed for university success and the world beyond.


By supporting the academic, social, behavioral, physical and emotional development of our students we can ensure that they develop a certainty of their own worth and respect for others and their beliefs.

The High School program of study standards is aligned with international assessment frameworks.  English Language and Math curricula are based on United States Common Core Standards.

Our students are also encouraged to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses, available in Math, Sciences, Arts, and Humanities.  The listing of available AP courses is listed below.

Students in Grade 9-12 must acquire 24 course credits points to graduate with an APIS High School Diploma. Each academic course is worth 1 credit point for 1 year of study.

Students must also complete 100 hours of Community Service over the four year High School program.


High School Courses

High School course offerings are listed below for grades 11-12:


- English 11-12               

- Film Studies and Journalism

- Creative Writing

- High School Band


- Math Studies

- Statistics

- Pre-Calculus

- AP Calculus

- Biology
- AP Biology
- Chemistry
- AP Chemistry
- Physics
- Environmental Sciences






 Physical Education 11 & 12

 Fine Arts:

- Creative Writing

- Advanced Art (AP)

- High School Band


- Thai Language

- Chinese Language

- Japanese Language


- World History 11 and 12

- Introduction to Business

- AP Psychology



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