Students at American Pacific International School benefit from counseling services. 

Student Support and Guidance

College and Career Counseling

During their school years, young people face many social and emotional challenges.  There are occasions when friendships fall apart, when individuals ask questions about who they really are and when families go through difficult times, such as bereavement. Students at APIS are supported through these times by our School Counselor.  The Counselor works closely with students, teachers, administrators and families to help remove social and emotional barriers to academic achievement


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Mr. Kasey Semler

MBC Counselor

As students move through Grades 9-12, they have access to the expertise of our school Counselor who assists students in the sometimes daunting college application process.  By helping students with graduation requirements, testing registration and expectations, selecting “best fit” universities, and preparing application materials, the Counselor ensures that APIS students are well supported as they transition into their post-secondary education. 

The Counseling office at APIS is here to support Students and Families with any questions or concerns!



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