Senior Leadership Team

American Pacific International School’s leadership team –  known as the School Leadership Team (SLT) – meets weekly to plan and project the current and future needs of the school, to bring forward new programmes and strategies and to support existing school initiatives.




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    Bua Palarit

    License Holder 






Pam Palarit









Stacey Gailey

  Head of School 

Email :

  Tel : 081-961-0336



AJ Ladda

Ladda A. Mahidi

School Director (PC)

Email :

Tel : 081-885-6640





Supaporn Jansiriyotin

School Director (MC)

Email :

Tel : 089-556-4455



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Arunee Lorruangsilp

Deputy School Director

Email :

Tel : 088-100-6769





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Luis Ramirez 

 MC Principal

Email :

Tel : 081-993-2995





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Siobhan Dean 

 PC Principal

Email :

Tel : 089-586-7058 








Clive Herde 

 Residential Director

Email :

Tel : 089-586-7058 







Jeffrey Wang 

Admissions Manager

Email :

Tel : 081-950-7791









K Kung

Pilaiporn Kongchaisiriwong

Personal Assistant to Board of Directors

Email :

Tel : 086-898-1300







Kwanchanok Boonsuk

Personal Assistant to Head of School 

Email :

Tel : 091-071-9963







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