Uniform PC1



Student Dress Code on the PC

Statement of purpose:

  • To present APISP students to the wider community in an appropriate manner

  • To provide an educational environment where financial disparities between students as reflected in clothing is minimized.

  • To prepare students for future rolls in the professional workplace

  • To reduce the cost of school clothing

  • To make students feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance

  • To encourage students to take pride in their school

Permissible uniform:


  • White button down cotton shirt (long or short sleeved) with APISP logo (could be rolled up).  

  • White polo shirt with APISP logo

  • Khaki trousers, hemmed at the ankle and fitted around the waist

  • Khaki shorts (elementary only)

  • Plain White/Black belt

  • Socks

  • Blue, black, or grey long sleeved sweatshirt in winter

  • Plain white short sleeved t-shirt underneath uniform shirt


  • White button down cotton shirt tucked in at all times with APISP logo

  • White polo shirt with APISP logo

  • Knee length plaid skirt or skort, no more than 5 cm above the knee

  • Socks

  • Blue, black, or grey long sleeved sweatshirt in winter

  • Plain white short sleeved t-shirt underneath uniform shirt

Boys & Girls PE Uniforms

On days that students have PE they may wear the following PE uniform to school (if PE class is the first block of the day) or change into PE clothes before PE class. Students should change out of PE clothes after class.

  • Blue polo shirt with APIS logo

  • Sneakers suitable for activity

  • Swimming costume during swimming sessions

  • Blue shorts

Footwear:  Black, White, Gray, Brown or Navy Blue (solid color) sneakers or shoes.  No sandals, flip flops, or open toed shoes.  For formal events, students should wear formal, black, close toed shoes.   


  • Studded earrings – only one pair (one in each ear)

  • Looped, hoop or spacer earrings must be no bigger than a 1 Baht coin


  • Conservative, neat and tidy

  • Appropriateness of style and color will be determined by SMT or their representative


Prohibited dress code during school hours:

  • Colored shirts underneath school uniform shirts

  • Jeans

  • Body piercing other than earrings

  • Visible tattoos

  • Jewelry

  • Revealing or see through clothing

  • Spiked or studded bracelets / belts and rings

  • Skirts or shorts shorter than 5 cm. above the knee

  • Hair that is dyed an unnatural color e.g. pink/blue Unusual cuts, such as razor etched and Mohawk styles are not appropriate for the school context

  • Inappropriate dress, t-shirts with logos and accessories promoting prohibited materials, activities or language such as racism, drugs, alcohol and drugs including tobacco.

Winter Uniform

The following pieces of clothing, in addition to our normal uniform are acceptable to keep warm in the winter:

  • Plain dark sweaters or sweatshirts and scarves of one color, either dark blue, dark grey or black. Clothing logos should be discreet, no bigger than 3 cm high

  • Girls can wear leggings under their skirts of one plain color, either dark blue, dark grey or black

  • Students should take off hats and hoods



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