Living in Chiang Mai

Not all the foreigners you see in Chiang Mai are tourists: many live in Chiang Mai part-time or all year round. Chiang Mai residents often comment that living here has all the cultural benefits of Bangkok, but fewer of the disadvantages such as traffic jams and air pollution.

For families

One of the many questions Thais may ask a foreigner visiting Thailand for the first time is, have you been to Chiang Mai?Underscoring the feeling that Chiang Mai is a keystone of any journey to Thailand. Although the Thais idealize their beloved northern capital as a quaint, moated and walled city surrounded by mountains with legendary, mystical attributes, the truth is Chiang Mai has all but left that image behind to become a modern, cosmopolitan city exhibiting many of the hallmarks of contemporary world culture and technology.More than 700 km north-west of Bangkok,Chiang Mai has over 300 temples, almost as many as Bangkok making it visually striking. Auspicious Doi Suthep rises 1677m above and behind the city, providing a picturesque backdrop for this fast-developing centre. Many visitors stay in Chiang Mai longer than planned because of the high quality and low price of accommodation, food and shopping, the cool nights, the international feel of the city and the friendliness of the people.

Another advantage is that the city is small enough to get around by bicycle. And with the increasing number of cultural and spiritual learning experiences available in Chiang Mai these days, such as Thai massage, Thai cooking, Thai language, yoga and meditation, Chiang Mai has become much more than just a quick stop on the Northern Thailand tourist circuit. In fact, many tourists who come for a short visit decide to make Chiang Mai their home.

For residential students

In recent years Chiangmai has been developed as a regional transport hub with significant developments at its International Airport including direct flights from Korea. It is also central to the culture and leisure activities in northern Thailand. Students have many opportunities to experience new skills and develop new interests.


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