Residential Life Program

 The Residential Life Program is not just a boarding program but a place where students can learn the skills necessary for life.

We advocate : Taking care of ourselves, taking care of each other, taking care of this place/space and having fun!

American Pacific International School on-campus residential facility is for international students in grades 3-12 (ages 8 - 19). We are a small facility and this allows residential advisors to develop close relationships with students as they navigate their way through their pre-teen and teenage years and pursue their educational goals. 

The residential facilities consist of three residential houses, Sakthong House for grade 3 – 7 (both boys and girls), Bundarik Hall for grade 8 – 12 (girls) and Odden Hall for grade 8 – 12 (boys). Within the school grounds are: soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and a large swimming pool. Each residence has living quarters for our Residential Advisors, which helps create a family environment. The residences contain a well equipped kitchen, common room for socializing and bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities. Wireless internet service is available for all residential students.

Our Residential Advisors receive on-going professional development and are committed to making the living environment safe, friendly, warm and caring for our students.  We consider ourselves a family.                                                                                                                            

The Residential Advisory Team strive to make American Pacific International School more than just a place to sleep and study; they want it to be a second home for our residential students. We make it our priority to ensure that students feel comfortable interacting with the residential advisors and contributing to make American Pacific International School an ideal community. 

The Residential Life expectations and policies are fairly enforced and  have been established to promote respect for each person’s welfare and property. Students are expected to put forward their best efforts academically as well as to practice self-discipline, sound judgment, and good manners. 

The Residential Life Program is a great stepping stone for senior students who may need more independence from their families, while still being closely supervised, before they take the big leap to the freedoms of college life.

We welcome you to visit American Pacific International School and take a tour of our facilities.  Our residence is a place to retreat, study and relax. 

We hope your days at American Pacific International School will be a memorable living and learning experience!  

Residential Life Program Outings


In order to give the students in the Residential Life Program greater opportunity to gain both social and life skills, we plan and organize weekly activities and outings. 

The various on campus activities are intended to engage the students in a variety of lifestyle skills such as: photography, cycling, gardening, cooking, dance, art, healthy living, etc. The off-campus outings are intended to help students experience a broad range of cultural and recreational activities while broadening their life experiences. We visit such places as museums, art galleries, music concerts, cinema and theater as well as participate in activities like: ice skating, lawn bowling, golf, archery and horse riding.

In recent years, we have developed a special relationship with a home for disadvantaged women and children, where we visit monthly and engage with the residents in a variety of activities.  It is through this relationship that we are able to teach our students empathy and open mindedness in sharing their skills with others.


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